About us

About The Corporation

Harvard Manor Residence of Toronto is an affordable, effective, health care services. The residence has been in existence for the past four years. It has been operating under new management, from its facility at 60 Harvard Avenue, with the continuing interest of meeting the needs of people with various disabilities. We have made great improvements in our general operations, personnel and overall facility towards accommodating homeless, Alzheimer and Cancer patients.

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Our staff will work with clients and their families to assess all their needs. We will carefully screen and evaluate each client to ensure that we meet all their needs and expectations.

Our team of professionals will work hard to give each client the care and happiness they deserve while giving them the opportunity to maintain their independence.


Our staff is comprised of highly qualified professionals trained in the areas of:

  • Psychiatric
  • Alzheimer
  • Social Work
  • Mobile Crisis Care
  • Community Support Treatment
  • And other areas of health care
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Access To Health Care

We have staff available on a 24-hour basis including:

  • Registered Nurses 
  • Social Workers 
  • Health Care 
  • Aides General Practitioner 
  • Home Support Workers
  • Nutritionist


Harvard Manor Residence of Toronto is in close proximity to St. Joseph's Hospital, and clinics in the immediate area.

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Board Of Directors

  • Tomlin Hibbert ( Chair, Vice Chair ) 
  • John Cente ( Treasurer )
  • Marcie Munroe ( Secretary )
  • Carmen Edwards ( Volunteers )
  • Sandra Ford ( Volunteers )
  • Joan Coy ( Volunteers )