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Our Mission

To provide unique, customer-oriented and top quality service to the mentally challenged and Alzheimer's clients. We intend to achieve complete customer satisfaction and at the same time work hard to help our clients improve the quality of their lives and gradually wean them back to society.

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To provide housing, food, clothing support services to help in the rehabilitation of the mentally challenged in order for them to live a fuller more rewarding lifestyle.


Our staff will work with clients and their families to assess all their needs. We will carefully screen and evaluate each client to ensure that we meet all their needs and expectations.

Our team of professionals will work hard to give each client the care and happiness they deserve while giving them the opportunity to maintain their independence.

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Charity Organization


Harvard Manor Residence of Toronto is a non-profit organization. We provide support and rehabilitations services in areas for the mentally challenged.


Treat our clients as we would like to be treated